Thursday 20th June

We are very excited about the latest instalment of the Centre and the Circle where we are celebrating the life and work of Austin Osman Spare. We have freshly crafted pagan songs from Jude Cowan Montague influenced by the Dainas tradition, a talk about the ever inspirational and truly magical man himself and kosmische folkishness from Alex Meets Sand.

Jude Cowan Montague is a writer, composer and artist. During April has been in Latvia at the Writers and Translators House in Ventspils and has been learning the Dainas tradition and writing poetry in response to that tradition. Her own family also come from the Kurzeme region, from the Curonian Spit now the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. She will present songs and tunes at THE Centre and the Circle inspired by her adventures on the Blue Cow Tour or Zila Govs.

Alex meets Sand is the result of a long mooted collaboration between Sand Snowman (Gavan Kearney) and Alex Monk.
Sand and Alex met and became friends enthusing over humorous and mythical anecdotes about Joy Division, plainsong, unplain guitar (mis)tunings, archetypal symbolism and 'Heaven up here'. Both had worked together previously, contributing to each other's respective projects as well as a few impromptu, improv gigs before devising their shared project which became Alex meets Sand.

'The Magician's Saw' comprises of seven tracks spawned from relentless Shamanic jamming and shared/exchanged files and is very much the result of their shared aesthetic and interest, spanning psyche folk, space jams, shoegaze textures and pastoral reveries. It is out now on Eiderdown Records.

They will be playing a special AOS set this evening.


A brief talk on his life, looking at his magical art and his interest in cats.
Debbie Elliott is the author of 'Monkey Mind Robot Body' a science fiction myth on AI and transhumanism. She has an interest in all things magical, arty and ecological.

£5 in advance / £7 on the door

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