Thursday 7th February

THE CENTRE AND THE CIRCLE 8: 5 pounds entry on door.

Algis Fediajevas

For our eighth centre and the circle instalment and our first of 2019 we are delighted to host the London show of Algis Fediajevas's tour. Algis is a fantastic guitarist and composer in the style that is clearly influenced by blues and folk techniques from American Primitive through to folk baroque yet his relationship with his instrument is clearly an original one. The way he uses vibrato, attack and harmonics combine with a hypnotising sonorous baritone sung in his native Lithuanian.

During his musical trip that lasts 5 years Algis Fediajevas had many concerts in his homeland and also in other countries around Europe (Austria, England, Georgia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, and Estonia). During these years he released one live album (“Live in Brighton Unitarian Church”) and two studio albums: “Mano bičiuli nerime” (My buddy, anxiety) in 2016 and “Vieškeliu į Araratą” (“Along the path to Ararat”) in 2014. Both of them were released on independent music label “Resonating Wood Recordings”. He also recently toured with Lost Harbours and Alex Monk.

Live album
Second album
First album
Album’s Review in English and French

Dream Maps

After his stunning performance at the first Centre and the Circle we have asked the wonderful DREAM MAPS to return. Dream Maps is Dominic Simpson's project featuring various collaborators and a mix of psyche, kosmische, drone styles and bewitching rhythms. Check out this track from their debut album 'In stormy nights'. Not to be missed!

Alex Monk host of The Centre and the Circle will be opening