Managing one of the most in demand pubs in east London can be very stressful at time.

So appareantly Mario's Bingo'n mad as a result of all the stress caused due to being the full time manager and has decided to let Ollie host a  musical bingo on 6th April

How it works...
Same old Bingo. Just replace the numbers with songs.
3 rounds of Bingo each round will feature a decade. Think 00's, 90's, 80's and so on.
A Playlist of 50 songs per decade will be shuffled at random.
The opening 20 seconds of each song will be played and then onto the next.  If you don't know the song dont worry your host Ollie will let you know. There will be a 10 minute break in between rounds to get more beers, food etc.
On each card will be 15 songs selected at random on a Bingo Card Generator.
Winners will be for a Line, Two Lines and the House.
£1 buys you a bingo card for the round.
Come with a group or buy multiple cards to be in with more of a chance for those coveted prizes.Prizes will include drinks, novelty music based and cash jackpot!