Every Saturday 11am - 4pm

Best brunch in Hackney from Pretty F**king Good Brunch & Mario.   Dishes start from £6 with a £15 supplement for bottomless Prosecco, Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Coffee and Juice for 2 hours.

How it works: Head to the bar order your food and drink, keep your receipt and drinking vessel when you want your next drink go back and swap your glass/cup to get your next drink.  Show your receipt so we know how long you have left on your bottomless drink.

Options include:

Full English Brexit
Sourdough toast, bacon, cumberland sausage, egg, grilled tomatoes, mushroom marmalade, baked beetroot beans.
add black pudding

Charred leek and Farinata - Vegan
Farinata (chickpea focaccia), charred leek, tenderstem broccoli, beetroot beans, pomegranate seeds, za’atar
add fried halloumi

Kippers “Benedict”
English muffin, tarragon butter, tartare sauce, kippers (Secret Smokehouse, Hackney) and egg (Old Cotswold Legbar), nettle, petals

Chicken and waffles
Whey marinated chicken thighs (Ginger Pig) and PFG waffles. Alexa-approved Canadian Maple syrup

Egg and soldiers - Veggie
Asparagus, rye bread soldiers, 60 degree egg , marmite, charred five London cheeses, rose petals
add rare breed egg

“Banoffee” French toast
Brioche, banana, toffee sauce, cream, coffee

Poutine (veggie)
The original Québécois take on chips ‘n gravy with delicious melty cheese: thrice fried potatoes, proper curds, chicken or onion gravy

Poutine (vegan)
The real Montreal deal. Chips ‘n gravy with smoked organic tofu

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